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  • My Pre
    Dedicated to highlighting the latest and greatest in Palm Pre revolution. We welcome community involvement and recommend our readers to voice their opinions on our site by joining our forum discussions or commenting on our entries. ...
  • Palm Pre Wikipedia
    The Palm Pre styled palm,known internally as the Castle is a multimedia smartphone designed and marketed by Palm with a multitouch screen and a sliding keyboard. The phone was launched on June 6, 2009, and is the first to use Palms new Linuxbased[3] ...
  • Palm Pre
    Its official the Palm Pre will be officially available to Canada on August 27th through Bell Mobility If you live in Canada and you really want the Palm Pre, I suggest you order it now at pre.bell.ca. The Palm Pre in Canada costs $199.95 and require ...
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  • Palm Pre
    At Palm, were focused on creating instinctive yet powerful mobile products that enable people to better manage extraordinary lives on the go. Our goal is to deliver products that implement technology in a truly useful way. We innovate. We create and ...
  • Palm Pre Forums
    Online forum space to discuss about the Palm Pre. ...
  • Gizmodo Palm Pre Full Video Tours
    Video tour of Palm Pre features navigation, media player, browser, and menus. ...
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